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Urban Bums Boutique Cloth Diaper
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~ OS2 *Leaves - by Lillestoff * (Medium Weight Cotton/Lycra Knit - IMPORT Euro Knit) Hybrid Fitted With Teal CV Inner ~

This diaper is made with a medium weight, GOTS certified organic cotton/lycra knit outer, a hidden layer of poly-fleece and an inner layer of cotton velour next to baby's skin. The double snap-in contour soaker is made with a total of 4 layers of SHOBF, topped with coordinating CV on the top and bottom. An additional lay in booster made with 2 layers of heavy organic hemp fleece and topped with coordinating CV is also included for maximum absorbency. This size 2 diaper fits most babies from 12 - 40 lbs.

Hybrid fitteds offer the same breathability as regular fitteds, as poly-fleece allows air to flow through it, but helps to keep moisture in. To be completely waterproof, hybrid fitted still require a cover as they are prone to compression leaks, but many babies can go coverless for hours before noticing dampness on the outer fabric.

Urban Bums Boutique cloth diapers are lovingly made by a WAHM, and each item is truly unique. As such, there may be slight sewing imperfections. These will not affect the function of the product

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